Dev ♥ Des #1


The best projects are a result of a great collaboration between developers and designers. While we each have our specialty, together we make things better. So let’s do that! Let’s meet up, share ideas, learn new stuff and have fun.

During the first edition, we are going to talk about a real ‘content first’ approach and test our knowledge about interface icons. Our talk#3 will be announced anytime soon. We will end the evening with a Dev hearts Des quiz to test our love!


Event schedule

17:30 Doors open & drinks
18:20 Introduction
18:30 'Content first' design by Tjerk Smit
18:55 Repelsteeltje - Guess My Name by Mallory van Achterberg
19:15 Break with food
20:00 Woot! Classbattle By Suzanne Wensveen
20:30 Dev hearts Des Quiz
20:50 More drinks


How to develop content first with the help of Dato CMS
by Tjerk Smit

Something you hear a lot in web development is that you need to design 'content first'. But in Real Life™, the actual content is only added right before the deadline. The result? An application that doesn't look right or doesn't work properly. The reason? Real content and fake content are miles apart, both visually and textually. Tjerk is going to show you how can we prevent this from happening. With the help of Dato CMS.

Repelsteeltje - Guess My Name
by Mallory van Achterberg

Mallory is going to test your knowledge about interface icons. What do they do and how do we call them? After all, everyone knows what the eyeball with the squiggley vertical line through it does, right? Put yourself in the shoes of "the user" and feel the love that is web interface design.

Woot! Classbattle
By Suzanne Wensveen

Most of dev-des collaboration is still waterscrumming. Suzanne will show you what can happen if you lock designers and developers in a room and let them collaborate in real time. Making an educational app for elementory schoolers. In two days. Woot!