Dev ♥ Des #2


The best projects are a result of a great collaboration between developers and designers. While we each have our specialty, together we make things better. So let’s do that! Let’s meet up, share ideas, learn new stuff and have fun.

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Event schedule

17:30 Doors open & drinks
18:20 Introduction
18:30 'Learn to work together' by Nadia Udalova
19:15 Break with food
20:00 'Sketch libraries - the love of my life' By Guus Hoeve
20:30 'SPA PWA WTF' by Jasper Moelker
21:00 More drinks


'UX + Dev: How to BUILD KILLER FEATURES and not kill each other'
by Nadia Udalova

Nadia is a User Experience evangelist with about 6 years of experience. Currently she is leading a team of UX professionals at XebiaLabs - an enterprise-scale Continuous Delivery & DevOps software provider. One of the biggest challenges on her career path - is to make development driven work environment take user centric direction. Nadia is passionate about promoting female talent in tech. She is a part of Ladies That UX Amsterdam organisers team - biggest female-focused UX community in Netherlands.

Developers and designers have very different job profiles. We often hear designers complain about developers ruining their work. Developers avoid designers as they make their job more complicated. Instead, we should learn to work together to make our difficult jobs easier and to create the most efficient process for everyone. Nadia will share some tips that helped her team of UX professionals to work efficiently with developers in a highly development-driven organisation.

'Sketch libraries - the love of my life'
by Guus Hoeve

Guus Hoeve is a 34-year young solopreneur and freelance UX-designer who loves learning the latest tools and techniques, and teaches others about them (he teaches kids to code as well!). His nickname is "the walking appstore" as he knows all the tools that support collaboration between design & development, and he officially married Sketch when libraries were released. Today he will show you why Sketch libraries are the love of his life, and how you can even create swappable libraries that you can share with other departments and even swap out entire styles!

by Jasper Moelker

Jasper is a front-end developer at De Voorhoede and an advocate for web technology.

Browsers support new features every week ( On top of that developers find new frameworks to obsess over. But should any of this change how or what you design? In his talk, Jasper will show what these new features and frameworks offer and how they enable you to design and build more enjoyable user experiences.