Ann Guilinger: How Linux Containers Work For Linux Beginners

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How Linux Containers Work For Linux Beginners
You've heard that containers like docker are the hot new technology in software development. Maybe you've even used them before. But what exactly is a container, and what makes it special? To understand that you need to understand functionality like namespaces and cgroups. For a linux beginner, these are probably unknown concepts. This session aims to demystify containers and explain similar linux functionality and what makes containers so special.

Ann is a Senior Member of Technical Staff who has been navigating the software world for nearly 3 years. Coming from being a Applied Mathematics major in college, she learned a lot on the job about how computers work beyond just magically producing outputs from inputs. She likes to share what she has learned with students and more junior people, as she knows what it is like to be in a new situation and feel like the only one who doesn't know how things work.