What we're about

Are you in the tech industry? Do you want to improve, practice or just have fun without deadlines and agile processes? Welcome to your new favorite meetup.

I tend to do meetups weekly to bi-weekly typically from 1 - 2 hours. Topics will change meetup to meetup but will always be something enlightening.

The overall goal is to grow professionally and technically while having some light chat.

A few points:

• I tend to do more technical meetups, read: there will be terminal and code

• Food and drinks are usually provided

• Networking is good

• Learning is the point

• Sometimes there is no plan; but we will dive in (like when fires happen at the office)

• I like to whiteboard things

What we do and samples will be added here:


Past events (5)

Exploiting Docker and Automated DevSecOps

ODU Innovation Center

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ODU Innovation Center

Continuous Delivery: Deploying Software multiple times a day

ODU Innovation Center

Post Holiday Alexa App Building

ODU Innovation Center

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