What we're about

This group for anyone wanting to learn/gain Hands on experience and/or contribute to a practical DevOps knowledge base collection.
Who should join: Users of DevOps tools that want to broaden their Tooling knowledge, anyone looking to get learn more about the practical "How To" of DevOps Tools, anyone who is interested in understanding more about the DevOps culture, practice and tools.

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CI/CD MVC/Angularjs website :Tools are Git,TeamCity,Octopus Deploy, Azure WebApp

For the second meetup i would like to build a CI/CD pipeline from scratch using Git (on VSTS),TeamCity (as the Build Engine) , Octopus Deploy (as the Deployment Engine) , deploying to an Azure Web App.

The first meetup was around VSTS and CI/CD, this included a few slides on what i call the five Continuouses.

Continuous Integration

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Deployment

Continuous Testing

Continuous Monitoring

For the second meetup I'd like to cover off what should be looked at for Continuous Integration.

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