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The DevOps Exchange is a global network of localised DevOps Meetups. 

With 8 events spanning 6 different countries, the DevOps Exchange has over 15,000 members and has hosted over 150 events since its inception in 2016.

If you're a DevOp, SRE, Operations or Software Engineer, interested in hearing war stories surrounding all things 'DevOps' related from like minded individuals, then this group is for you.

It's a chance to exchange some of the latest ideas and technologies, normally through 3 short presentations by invited speakers, and a chance to discuss it after over drinks/snacks with new friends and old. We hear from early stage start ups, right through to big tech giants and everyone in between. 

We started this community as we LOVE DevOps and have seen an insatiable demand for more knowledge about it from teams running online/cloud services around the world.

We now run monthly events, all around the world, attracting high calibre speakers and an engaged crowd, interested in sharing the best ideas around DevOps with the community.

Join the @TheDoxHub (https://twitter.com/TheDoxHub) on Twitter and find us on LinkedIn, @DevOps Exchange.

We hope to see you at a local event soon. 

Upcoming events (1)

DevOps Exchange February - AWS, Accurx, EPAM


DevOps Exchange London is back on the 9th February hosted by Accurx at their headquarters in Shoreditch.

Amazon Web Services will be joining us explaining why they are launching 7,000 Satellites into space! Along with how Amazon built and operates its global network infrastructure using NaaS and how it leverages Cloud and DevOps.

Will Hall, now at EPAM, is also returning to DOXLON and giving us an insight into achieving DevSecOps success in no time, using some DevSecOps Magic!

The third talk will be from healthtech company and hosts Accurx and will highlight how they scaled the deployment processes within their organisation and also how they've configured their monitoring.

It'll be another great feast of DevOps, with 3 x 20 minute talks starting at 7pm, along with food and refreshments from Accurx's amazing in-house chef. We hope to see you all there!


Ernesto Salas @ AWS

"Networking-as-a-Service: from building pipes to enabling innovation"

Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) allows organizations to outsource their networking infrastructure to a third-party provider, and gives time to focus on what matters. It leverages cloud computing concepts and DevOps principles to enable innovation, improve the overall flexibility and scalability of networking. During the presentation, Ernesto will show how Amazon built and operates its global network infrastructure using NaaS (before it was ‘cool’).

He will also explain how NaaS leverages DevOps and cloud concepts, such as automation and self-service, to enable faster deployment and configuration of network services.Finally, Ernesto will discuss the new trends, how they are impacting the industry, and show why Amazon is launching 7,000+ Satellites!


Will Hall @ EPAM

Simple Hacks to DevSecOps Superstardom

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by all the complexities of DevSecOps? Struggling to understand your SBOM from your Shift Left?

Well, have no fear! Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, these tips and tricks will help you streamline your processes, tighten up your security, and achieve DevSecOps success in no time. Simple hacks that will take your DevSecOps game to the next level; that sound too good to be true! So sit back, relax, and get ready to learn some DevSecOps magic. Let's get started!

Will is a software engineer and DevSecOps architect with over a decade of experience in the industry, currently working as a Director in the DevSecOps and Cloud practice at EPAM. He has a deep understanding of the latest DevOps practices, security threats and standards, and a passion for staying ahead of the curve in the constantly evolving field of cloud and DevSecOps.

He is also a GitLab Hero and ex-Docker Community Leader who has presented across Europe and constantly searching for better ways to evolve, mature and iterate towards DevOps utopia (wherever that is).

Mitchell Homer and Simona Ionascu @ Accurx

Deploying When The Sun Don’t Shine: Interesting Observations Around Availability

Simona and Mitch will talk about their experiences keeping Accurx's healthcare communication platform highly available. They'll talk about how they scaled their deployment processes, how they've configured their monitoring, and some other observations about maintaining high availability. They'll also talk about the mistakes they've made and the challenges faced along the way.

This venue has a capped on capacity, so please ensure you RSVP as soon as possible to secure your space.

We look forward to seeing you on the night!

All the best,

The DOXLON team

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