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This September's DevOps Exchange event is shaping up to become London's biggest DevOps meetup yet with Google, Amazon and Flynn.IO presenting their latest in platform and container technology.

Several powerful trends are currently under way in the world of DevOps with companies moving to Micro-Services and apps being packaged up in easily movable containers using tools like Docker. Ops teams are evolving into Platforms teams and these 3 talks showcase different ways that those teams can provide Platform as a Service to their development teams.

• Speaker 1 : Craig Box (Cloud Platform Solution Engineer at Google)

A talk about Google Kubernetes! Which is a "an open source implementation of container cluster management". Written in Go, works nicely with Docker and is extremely cool.

Never heard of it? This is cutting edge technology that's poised to transform the way we manage deployments, resource allocation and just generally make the world a better place. To get the most out of the talk check out this Google IO presentation ahead of time.

• Speaker 2: Lewis Marshall (Dev at Flynn)

Flynn is an open source Platform as a Service. The trend recently has been for teams to organise around features. In this model you have embedded ops skills within those teams, but you still have a seperate 'platforms' or 'systems' team responsible for providing an automated way for those teams to push their changes into production. Flynn aims to be the product that team uses to provide the automated platform.

They are coming up to a v1.0 release so we're incredibly excited to have them tell us about the latest changes. For more info checkout out the site:

• Speaker 3: Ian Massingham (Technical Evangelist)

Amazon will be presenting a talk about the newest features of Elastic Beanstalk which is their hosted PaaS offering. Including how to use Docker to deploy your applications with their service. A lot of companies that we speak to already use some AWS services and they have a very mature offering in terms of features.

If you want to read a bit more prior to the talk have a read through this link:

As always pizza and beer will be provided after and during the talks, and the event is completely free!