DevOps Exchange April


The DevOps Exchange in April is an opportunity to hear more about AWS Fargate, technology for Amazon ECS and EKS that allows you to run containers without having to manage servers or clusters. We'll have a live demo showing the developer journey of developing locally and deploying to production with no infrastructure to manage.

Alongside this, and with the recent success of Cultural talks at DOXLON, Serhat Can from OpsGenie is travelling from Istanbul to explain to us how to set up effective and healthy On-Call strategies.

Finally, DevSecOps (or SecDevOps) is real. The growth and evolution of Security within the DevOps space over the last 12 months has been huge and this doesn't appear to be slowing down. We have a 20 minute slot with Mika Boström, who will give us his unique and inclusive style of discussion, wth a talk and conversation surrounding usability lessons from 25 years of tool evolution.

3 x 20 minutes talks below:

Talk 1: Ric Harvey ( - Technical Evangelist @ Amazon

Title: From laptop to production with AWS Fargate

A live demo showing the developer journey of developing locally and deploying to production with no infrastructure to manage.

Bio: Ric Harvey is a technical developer evangelist at AWS, with a background in cloud/solutions architecture and Linux engineering coupled with knowledge of large scale deployments for the likes of C4, Ticketmaster and the six. nations

Talk 2: Serhat Can ( - SWE and Technical Evangelist @ OpsGenie

Title: Key steps towards building a healthy on-call culture

Paging people just creates series of problems unless you put enough resources to build a healthy “on-call” culture. There are several points you have to take into account to make on-call suck less. At the center of each of these items, there are people. If you put your people at the center and design your incident response thinking considering them in the first place, on-call becomes a competitive advantage. In this presentation, Serhat will about the key steps towards building a healthy on-call culture.

bio: Serhat is the Technical Evangelist for OpsGenie. He contributed to different parts of OpsGenie as a software engineer and now spreads the word by coding, writing and talking about DevOps. He is still a proud member of the on-call schedules.

Talk 3: Mika Boström ( - Head of Infrastructure and Security @ Smarkets

Title: Better Mousetraps - Usability lessons from 25 years of tool evolution

Security and usability are often considered mutually exclusive, but that doesn't need to be the case. In this talk we'll cover the past, the present and the future.

We'll again have a pizza, followed by drinks and a tab at the local pub to continue the discussion.

Hope to see you there!

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