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What we’re about

The DevOps Exchange is a global network of localised DevOps Meetups.

With 8 events spanning 6 different countries, the DevOps Exchange has over 15,000 members and has hosted over 150 events since its inception in 2016.

If you're a DevOp, SRE, Operations or Software Engineer, interested in hearing war stories surrounding all things 'DevOps' related from like minded individuals, then this group is for you.

It's a chance to exchange some of the latest ideas and technologies, normally through 3 short presentations by invited speakers, and a chance to discuss it after over drinks/snacks with new friends and old. We hear from early stage start ups, right through to big tech giants and everyone in between.

We started this community as we LOVE DevOps and have seen an insatiable demand for more knowledge about it from teams running online/cloud services around the world.

We now run monthly events, all around the world, attracting high calibre speakers and an engaged crowd, interested in sharing the best ideas around DevOps with the community.

Join the @TheDoxHub ( on Twitter and find us on LinkedIn, @DevOps Exchange.

We hope to see you at a local event soon.