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This Meetup group was started to gauge the interest in these topics for the Halifax area and beyond.

All levels of interest welcome. Always looking for new members, sponsors and speakers. If you have any questions, please contact the organizers.

DevOps is not...

* A certification
* A role
* A set of tools
* A prescriptive process

DevOps is...
* A philosophy that starts with passion
* A cultural, professional movement with attitude and values
* A reaction to poor communication
* About creating visibility between dev and ops
* About the symbiotic relationship between dev and ops
* Cross-functional teams over organizational silos
* Products not projects
* Automation over documentation (and more automation... and more...)
* About creating self-service infrastructure for teams
* Knowing that good software doesn't end with development / release
* Software that doesn't require support
* Ensuring a continual feedback loop between development and operations
* Cross-functional teams over organizational silos
* Creating products that are owned by the delivery team
* Knowing that a project is only finished when it is retired from production
* Something you can do without doing agile

What we want to achieve
* Operations and development are skills, not roles. Delivery teams are composed of people with all the necessary skills.
* Delivery teams run software products - not projects - that run from inception to retirement

Source: https://sites.google.com/a/jezhumble.net/devops-manifesto/

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