Guest Speaker: Billy Korando - OpenJ9 a Lean, Mean, Java Virtual Machine 4 Cloud


RESCHEDULE OF 2/19 Meetup @ new Location


The economics of the Cloud continues to dictate the need for radical changes to language runtimes. In this session learn about how OpenJDK with the Eclipse OpenJ9 JVM is leading the way in creating an enterprise strength, industry leading Java runtime that provides the operational characteristics most needed for Java applications running in the Cloud: efficient memory use, fast start-up, and releasing resources when idle. Whether deploying micro-services or more traditional Java applications the combination of OpenJDK with Eclipse OpenJ9 can help you reduce operational costs across the board.


Billy is a developer advocate with IBM and has over a decade of experience. Billy is passionate about finding ways to reduce mental capacity waste from tedious work; such as project initiation, deployment, testing and validation, and so on through automation and good management practices. Outside of work Billy enjoy traveling, playing kickball, and having his heart broken by cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs.

5:30 - food and mingle
6:00 - kickoff - open presentation
6:15 -? Meetup Keynote

Food will be provided by Kairos Recruiting.

The Meetup will be in Room A of the Kansas City Public Library, North East Branch. Parking is available on the North Side of the venue.