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The goal of DevOps Lisbon is to bring together the community of people interested in DevOps, Continuous Delivery and related topics, both from technical and cultural perspectives. Everyone's contribution is welcome! This is meant to be a group open to everyone's ideas. We'll try to hold a regular monthly meetup with talks and/or open spaces, workshops or just socializing :)


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DevOps Experience Report - Unbabel and SIBS

Online event

In this session, we are going to hear two stories of companies with very different backgrounds, history, age, and technologies. Unbabel, the creator of a AI-powered Language Operator, and SIBS, the creator of MBWay, will share their experience in the evolution of the culture, process, and the tools in their transformation journey.

Important notices

- Talk #1 - in English
- Talk #2 - in Portuguese
- Start time is 18H30 Portuguese time (GMT+1)
- You need to register for this event to see the Zoom link (under "Online event").



18h30 - 19h00 : TALK #1
19h00 - 19h15 : Q&A
19h15 - 19h45 : TALK #2
19h45 - 20h00 : Q&A


TALK #1: Unbabel Journey to Empowered Team Model
In this session, I will talk about the journey and lessons learned at Unbabel when changing the organization from functional teams to empowered x-functional teams, while at the same time scaling the company from 70 to 175 people. I will also detail the challenges of launching and running a research group, and discuss our efforts to combine research within the empowered teams.

Speaker: João Graça

João Graça is a co-founder and chief technology officer of Unbabel, a company that removes language barriers by blending artificial intelligence with real time, human translations.
Previously, he worked with INESC-ID developing research in natural language processing (NLP) and went on to do his PostDoc in NLP at the University of Pennsylvania. João developed a new statistical learning method that allowed for the insertion of declarative knowledge during learning, unlocking previously impossible-to-tackle problems. He is also one of the co-founders of the Lisbon Machine Learning Summer School (LxMLS).


TALK #2: CI/CD on legacy mainframe transformation (SIBS)
How CI/CD best practices were applied last 5 years and how our teams approached automation challenges by redefining delivery processes and using innovative tools that allowed us to accelerate those processes.

Speakers: Nuno M. Rodrigues, Anselmo Silva

Nuno Rodrigues - Team Leader Release Team at SIBS
Anselmo Silva - Technology Strategist at SIBS


IMPORTANT NOTICE: The talks will be recorded and published on the DevOps Lisbon YouTube channel. By signing up for this event you explicitly agree that your image might appear in the video recordings. Nevertheless, you can always get in touch with the organization ([masked]) to have it removed.

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