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The goal of DevOps Lisbon is to bring together the community of people interested in DevOps, Continuous Delivery and related topics, both from technical and cultural perspectives. Everyone's contribution is welcome! This is meant to be a group open to everyone's ideas. We'll try to hold a regular monthly meetup with talks and/or open spaces, workshops or just socializing :)


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DevOps Adoption at Mercedes-Benz.io and MEO TV

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In this meetup, we will learn about the DevOps adoption journeys at Mercedes-Benz.io and Meo TV, including challenges faced and lessons learned. Doors open at 19:00 and talks will start at 19:15 sharp, please be on time! There will be drinks and food after the talks, as usual! We will have a book to raffle among those who arrive before 19:15! Talk #1: High productive delivery culture for continuous delivery at Mercedes-Benz.io Speaker: André Macedo In this presentation, I will show you our journey to achieving DevOps culture in our company. Since the beginning, we wanted to be able to quickly start delivering customer value in self-independent teams without an initial complex setup. I will also focus on how we deal with a fast growing company facing the challenge of giving freedom/autonomy to our teams. The pains we had and the lessons learned will be covered as well. I will also deep dive a little bit on our technical stack and show how a team can set up a new microservice from scratch and run it in production in a couple of minutes. This is possible with some libraries we made on top of our CICD and PaaS (Pivotal Cloud Foundry). André Macedo is responsible for the overall Architecture and Technology at Mercedes-benz.io. He is currently working together with the teams to define the technical roadmap and optimizing the software development life cycle. Talk #2: TBD (Meo TV) Speaker: Cristina Moura Rebelo TBD


Needs a location


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