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The goal of DevOps Lisbon is to bring together the community of people interested in DevOps, Continuous Delivery and related topics, both from technical and cultural perspectives.
Everyone's contribution is welcome! This is meant to be a group open to everyone's ideas. We'll try to hold a regular monthly meetup with talks and/or open spaces, workshops or just socializing :)

Twitter: @DevOpsLisbon
Linkedin: Devops Lisbon
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FinOps Unleashed: Optimizing Cloud Costs with DevOps

grow.inc SPACES GmbH

How about an image depicting a bridge connecting two worlds, one side representing the world of cloud infrastructure and the other side representing financial operations? This image symbolizes the convergence of DevOps and FinOps, highlighting the importance of bridging the gap between technical and financial aspects for effective resource management and cost optimisation.


19h10 - 19h30 : TALK #1 - Doing FinOps: Some challenges in the path By Giuliano Ribeiro
19h30 - 19h40 : Q&A
19h40 - 20h00 : TALK #2 - FinOps : Balancing Cloud Innovation with Cost Optimization @ Grupo Lusiaves by Antoine Craske
20h00 - 20h10 : Q&A
20h10 - 21h00 : Food & Drinks

TALK 1# - Doing FinOps: Some challenges in the path
FinOps is on the front page everywhere, but is implementing Finops easy or simple? It's like any other thing, can be hard and complex. I'll explain what I'm facing in a company trying to it for the first time too

Speaker: Giuliano Ribeiro

TALK 2# - FinOps : Balancing Cloud Innovation with Cost Optimization @ Grupo Lusiaves
Grupo Lusiaves was one of the first companies in Portugal to go full Public Cloud back by the end of 2017. With a continuous push to innovate, the group had to balance business needs with cost optimization of Cloud services harder to predict, control, and understand. This talk will share our FInOps approach setting the foundations to a robust governance powered by cross-functional collaboration and metrics-driven decision-making.

Speaker: Antoine Craske , CIO @ Grupo Lusiaves

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Building Platform Teams: Best Practices and Lessons Learned