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Dave Farley on Optimising Continuous Delivery
In this meetup we welcome Dave Farley, co-author of Continuous Delivery and a highly praised speaker and thought leader! This will be a unique opportunity to ask Dave all your Continuous Delivery questions :) Of course, there will be drinks and pizza at the end. And more great discussions. The event starts at 19:00 and talk will start at 19:15 sharp, please be on time! We will have another book to raffle among those who arrive before 19:15! Please register early, we will do our best to accommodate everyone in what should be a packed house! Talk: Optimising Continuous Delivery Speaker: Dave Farley (@davefarley77) The deployment pipeline is a central idea in Continuous Delivery. It represents the channel through which ideas inside your business flow to the outside world so that they can be delivered to your users in the form of working software. First steps in creating a working deployment pipeline are very rewarding. They help to improve the quality of the software that you create and usually lead to happier users. As teams mature in their adoption of Continuous Delivery though, the pipeline often begins to slow. We have more tests, we are testing more complex things, our software becomes more complex and more difficult to deploy. How do we address these growing pains? What are the next steps, beyond the CD beginner’s basic automation? How do we optimise our pipelines to meet our needs as these needs grow? This talk will address the growing pains in Continuous Delivery and describe some strategies to cope with them. Dave Farley is the co-author of the Jolt-award winning book ‘Continuous Delivery’ a regular conference speaker and blogger and a contributor to the Reactive Manifesto. Dave is an independent software developer and consultant, and founder and director of Continuous Delivery Ltd.

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