DevOps Manchester 15 - The Return

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We're back and this time we brought even more friends!

A group of us from a range of North West businesses have got together to restart the DevOps Manchester meetups and this is our first meetup as part of that team.

On the night we have two talks followed by three lightning talks.

Talk One
Jon Vines -
When looking at the principles and practices of DevOps as well as the opportunity and awesomeness of Serverless, we can be left thinking are these two approaches to delivering software compatible? The original premise of DevOps was to bring developers and operations closer together. Serverless architectures enable us to remove the operational burden as much as possible. Framed this way, you’d think they were incompatible, but DevOps has come along way since those early beginnings. We’ll use the three ways to look at how using Serverless can take us closer to operating with a DevOps mindset.

Talk Two
Raj and Zubair - DevOps Group
Raj and Zubair will talk about their journey and experience of implementing DevOps in a large enterprise. They will provide the context of what it feels like to work in the Defence Industry where platforms such as Eurofighter Typhoon, Dreadnaught Submarines and Queen Elizabeth Carrier are designed, built and supported over decades.
Raj and Zubair will then talk about the introduction of DevOps ways of working in a traditional waterfall environment and will include the philosophies, principles and practices employed for stimulating alignment to shared goals, transforming leadership and culture, building teams and providing the right environment for productivity with the adoption for the right practices and measures.
As a result, you will discover how a large enterprise, for strategic internal products, realised 30% service improvement 300% throughput improvement, 25% improved customer satisfaction and 100% improvement in team morale through changing the ways of working.

Lightning Talks

Jenny Nilsen
From Labcoat to DevOps
Having completed a Beng and MSc in Mechanical Engineering, Jenny spent two years working in nuclear R&D. In this talk, she explains how she transitioned into her role as an Infrastructure Engineer at BookingGo.

Varuna Venkatesh
Taking control of your legacy... Code
If the term 'legacy code' fills your heart with dread, you've probably experienced the struggles and complexities involved in working with it. In this talk, Varuna explains how we can start to break away from our legacy systems.

Andy Burgin
Intercontinental Jet Set DevOps Superheroes
I embarked on an epic journey, over the seas to a land far, far away. There I realised that it doesn’t matter if you’re a dev, an op, a sys admin, architect, even a CTO - we all possess DevOps powers, and to some that makes us superheroes…


Arrival is from 18:00 and we'll be getting started around 18:30.

As always a variety of food and drink will also be there! Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements.

We'll be over at the AutoTrader offices on First Street.
1, Tony Wilson Place, First Street, Manchester M15 4FN

See you there!