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DevOps Manchester 22

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DevOps Manchester 22 - Online!

For DevOps Manchester 22 we're running 2 talks of 20 - 25 mins each with time for Q and A.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This session will be recorded and posted to YouTube afterwards, by joining you give permission for your participation to be recorded. Please contact us for any omissions/removal requests.

Speaker One

Lauren Rodgers - Software Engineer (AI & DevOps) at Peak

Talk Title: Stop Snoozing Those Alarms!!

ChatOps is about driving development through conversations between your team in a more visible and real-time environment. Since the world has recently plunged into working more remotely, organisations are looking to communication platforms for ensuring employees can collaborate and work together more easily. This talk is going to be focussed on how you can monitor your AWS infrastructure using Chatbot and Slack.

Speaker Two

Sophie Weston - Senior Engineer at Anaplan

Talk Title: Designing Teams

Creating and running software is a team sport and yet all too often the way that technology teams themselves are created and run is left too much to chance. In this talk, Sophie will look at some of the ways that we can make our technology teams better by design.
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