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This is a group for people who understand, are working in or who want to know more about DevOps and SRE (Site Reliability Engineering). SRE and DevOps professionals understand the key point--that we’re all on the same side! Developers, testers, managers, DBAs, network technicians, operations, and sysadmins are all trying to achieve the same thing: the delivery of great quality, highly reliable software that delivers business benefit to those who commissioned it.

We recently added to our Meetup focus to include the important area of Site Reliability Engineering as there's a lot of crossover between this and DevOps. Stay tuned for new Meetup content and events!

And yes, we tried to connect with "DevOps Milwaukee" multiple ways and did not receive responses from the Organizers--so, we opted to create the "DevOps Milwaukee Meetup". Not trying to undermine the existing group--just trying to get a Meetup active in the area.

Past events (8)

HELM: Managing Apps on Kubernetes

Needs a location

A Framework for Organizational Adoption of DevOps Practices

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Docker Birthday #4 Celebration

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The DevOps Landscape: Tools, Tips and Starting Points

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