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Presentation 1: True Value of DevOps and Unlocking DevOps Capabilities
Realising the true value of DevOps comes not just from strengthening core capabilities such as automation, continuous testing and delivery, but also unlocking how these capabilities relate to an organisation’s overarching software delivery and operational performance. These cultural benefits embed naturally as part of healthy growth borne from the implementation of tactical DevOps capabilities.
So how are organisations addressing gaps in their capabilities? Is it through the creation of new disciplines such as DataOps, FinOps, DeepOps? And are these new disciplines the natural evolution of DevOps as it moves beyond web applications and into broader business areas?

Speaker 1: Mark Debney, DevOps Director at 6point6
Mark is an IT infrastructure specialist with over 20 years’ experience in technology and computer systems. His expertise lies in systems architecture and he has built a number of large-scale high transactional platforms using agile and DevOps methodologies.
Mark is the Director for DevOps at 6point6, a leading technology consultancy, and helps to shape their DevOps offering with a focus on deploying DevOps at scale for Enterprise solutions.
Prior to joining 6point6 Mark spent eight years at BSkyB where he was a Principal Engineer and led the Platform as a Service team, assessing emerging technologies and implementing solutions across the wider DevOps group. Before BSkyB Mark held System Administrator roles at The Prytania Group, Reading Room, AM International and was an Electronics Technician in the Royal New Zealand Navy.

Presentation 2: Myths of DevOps
Change can often seem threatening and where people do not have a clear and shared understanding of what DevOps is, confusion can arise. Some of this confusion is undoubtedly propagated by naysayers and DevOps deniers, but for the most part there is a lack of information about what the topic, and how change is brought about by empowered teams and servant leaders. The Myths of DevOps is designed to engage attendees with quiz style questions and spot prizes for fastest/funniest answers!

Speaker 2: Brendan O’ Reilly, co-founder of Daysha
Brendan O’ Reilly is a DevOps Specialist who co-founded Daysha in 2004 and most recently led its transformation as a DevOps training and solutions business.
An experienced entrepreneur, leading tech startups since 1990. From 2014 leading the team at Daysha to help our customers adopt DevOps mindset, processes and tools.
Prior to this led the startup of Structure 101 building technical debt management tools.

Presentation 3: DevOps for Digital apps - how to move forward on the Evolution path?
Today, more than ever, DevOps has moved from ‘nice to have’ to a 'must have’, and is something that no company in the era of digital transformation can afford to do without. However, achieving DevOps, Continuous Testing and CI/CD requires a huge cultural shift and significant organizational changes. In this presentation, Guy Arieli, Experitest CTO will walk us through the evolution path to DevOps and Continuous Testing. What it requires to move from one step of the evolution to another, in terms of people’s skills, testing practices and cultural changes. He will also outline the benefits of each step in the evolution presents.

Speaker 3: Guy Arieli, CTO of experitest
Mr. Arieli has a strong track record in technology innovation with more than 18 years of development and hands-on experience in test automation. Prior to Experitest, Mr. Arieli spent several years in management positions in HP (formerly Mercury), Cisco and 3Com. In addition, Mr. Arieli founded and sold the largest local Test Automation services company – TopQ (formerly Aqua Software) – to a leading publicly-traded technology group – Top Group. Mr. Arieli leads the largest Test Automation forum online and is a keynote speaker at events worldwide. He holds a B.Sc. from Israel’s world-renowned Technion.