CANCELLED: Alexa as a... Service?

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As coronavirus affects more and more people every day, unfortunately, we had to make a decision to cancel the event this month.

It's so sad to make this decision but health comes first.

What can Alexa do? Order pizza? Change music? Turn on the lights? Yes, it is normal nowadays, nothing fancy. Then how about… controlling the AWS environment using Alexa?

You might call me crazy, but the fun is so huge when I am already in bed and say “Alexa, terminate all instances!”. And this is only the beginning.

Let me take you on my journey with Alexa, from the first steps, when I was struggling with simple tasks, to the very complex skill I have now. Let me share with you my bold plans about the future of my project.

“Alexa, create a show!”

Speaker: Paweł Piwosz
He has computers around him for a very long time. My first contact was when I was less than 10 years old, so it gives more than 30 years. Professionally he is involved in the IT industry for over 20 years. He used to work for big companies and small startups. Currently, he is working at Epam as Lead Systems Engineer and helping the organization to grow DevOps practices. Also, he is leading the DevOps Community Poland and he is a member of the BIRD (Be In Real DevOps) movement.

He strongly believes in "DevOps in an Agile way", there is no real DevOps practices without Agile.

His main focus these days is self-development. He is devoted to containers, clouds, serverless, CI/CD, automation tools and monitoring, and he is helping people to understand DevOps.