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ONLINE Meetup: Security and DevOps & Rock The Stage

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Derya (Dorian) S. and olga s.
ONLINE Meetup:  Security and DevOps & Rock The Stage


Speaker 1:

Security and DevOps. Go get an approval for this library usage. Or not?
To be good at security, you need to think like a CISO; you need to act like a CISO; you need to become a CISO... or do you? In this talk, we'll keep following Alex and their journey towards better software engineering processes.

A dive into the world of information security presents Alex with new goals, new challenges, and new headaches. Or maybe the headaches were there before and now just became more visible?

Understanding the world of CISO and their teams will help Alex (and us) to realize the security problems a modern DevOps organization faces and how they can be effectively solved without ramping up new silos and creating new barriers.

Speaker 2:
Rock the Tech Stage
How the Best Speakers in Tech Present Ideas and Pitch Products
Oscar Santolalla‘s will present thesecrets on how to masterfully speak in the technology arena. It is primarily based on stories from entrepreneurs, executives and engineers from technology companies that have shaped history: Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, Elon Musk, Jim Grubb (Cisco), Mikko Hyppönen (F-secure), Jane Chen (Embrace Innovations) and many more. Most of them have appeared on the stages of large conferences and events presenting their products and inventions.
Today the technology arena is more dynamic and innovating than ever: mobile applications, cloud services, artificial intelligence, clean technologies, blockchain, etc. There are increasingly more spaces to share knowledge and promote products. Both aspects make speaking about technology harder than ever: how should you speak about your product or company in a way that your audience not only gets what you say but gets inspired enough to become followers?
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