DevOps Vancouver Meetup: Oct 2019

Location image of event venue


Our next DevOps Vancouver Meetup will be held on Tuesday, October 22nd, from 6:30 pm until 8:30 pm.

We have some exciting speakers and topics lined up, they are:

- Ravi Lachhman: Machine Learning in Continuous Delivery - What can Doughnuts Teach Us?
The traditional methods of software delivery are time consuming, error prone and no longer suitable for the accelerated pace of business. Ravi will discuss the need to combine the practice of Continuous Delivery with Machine Learning to give power directly to engineers.

- Ravi Lachhman: DevOps leadership insights to measure real-time delivery effectiveness
In his talk, Ravi will discuss how DevOps leaders can leverage the gamification of the delivery process to slice data from any application, environment, or service perspective to determine where time is spent on a release cycle with key evaluation metrics (deployment frequency, lead time, time to restore, and change fail rate as examples).

- Ravi Lachhman: Harness in Retail
Retail companies like Home Depot, REI, and leverage CD-as-a-Service to ensure Continuous Delivery in their complex microservices environments. Ravi will provide more detail about how to shorten the time to onboard developers, create pipelines in minutes rather than days, and how to leverage Machine Learning.

- Dave Boucha from SaltStack: What SecOps teams can learn from the DevOps folks down the hall
The next wave of collaborative IT needs to occur between the security and IT operations teams. In some ways we’ve been here before with the success of DevOps. SecOps teams now need to automate more and collaborate better to sever secure IT through continuous compliance and true vulnerability remediation.

Thank you to Harness for sponsoring this event. Coffee/tea and cookies will be served.

Where: UBC Robson Square – Room C180

Please feel free to network and socialize afterwards. You're welcome to stay on in the room until late.

Space is limited, so please book your seat early. Please remember: update your booking if you can’t make it, so others who get waitlisted can attend in your place.