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Plane Sailing - Taking off with containers

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18:00 - Doors open. Networking, food & drinks
19:00 - Michael Hausenblas - Developing on Kubernetes - RedHat OpenShift
19:30 - Break
20:00 - Bas Tichelaar - Building a scalable learning platform with Terraform, Kubernetes and Google Cloud
20:30 - Networking & 🍺 until we get kicked out!

Developing on Kubernetes - Michael Hausenblas

So you're a developer writing apps (maybe in a team?) that are supposed to run on Kubernetes. In this talk we will review different ways how to develop apps that are ultimately run on Kubernetes. We
will look beyond the long-winded "build container image - push to registry - deploy new version" way of doing things.
Our journey will lead us from local development environments such as Minikube, Minishift, and Docker CE for Mac/Windows to proxy-based approaches such as what Telepresence offers to hot-sync methods, for example `ocrsync`, ksync, or kubed-sh.

The goal is to introduce you to the available options and provide you with enough background that you can choose wisely which one to pick for a certain setup (project, team, programming language, etc.).
Live demos included, as per usual.

Building a scalable learning platform with Terraform, Kubernetes and Google Cloud - Bas Tichelaar

Bas is one of the founders of Instruqt, a startup building a hands-on learning platform for DevOps tooling and Cloud technology. With Instruqt, every participants gets his own personal infrastructure, that is being created in seconds. Bas will talk about how they leveraged Terraform, Kubernetes and Google Cloud to create a scalable and cost-effective learning platform. He will discuss the choices they've made, the problems they encountered and the lessons learned.

Bas Tichelaar, co-founder at Instruqt

Bas has over 18 years of experience in IT, with a focus on DevOps and Cloud. He worked as a consultant and architect the last 5 years. His mission is to make learning DevOps and Cloud more effective and fun. Within Instruqt, his role is mainly sales and marketing, but he just can't stop coding :)