April Meetup at Werkspot.nl

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69 people went

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This Meetup will be hosted by Werkspot and will focus on CI/CD and AWS python based infrastructure as code.


18:00 - 🚪Doors open
18:15 - 🍽🍷Food is served
19:00 - 🎤Talk #1 (Wim Bonthuis)
19:45 - 🚽Break
20:00 - 🎤Talk #2 (Martijn Scholten)
20:45 - 🍻BeerOps

We hope to see all of you there!

🎤 Wim Bonthuis - GitLab CI/CD: do you really want to merge to master - Let's focus on testing before accepting MRs!

Wim is a passionate Infrastructure engineer and cloud solutions architect who helps businesses build next generation cloud architectures. His working experience is focused towards Linux and open-source software, to which he loves to contribute as well.

With the rise of cloud platforms, Wim has enjoyed working with Serverless Architectures, Cloud Security, CI/CD pipelines, seamless hybrid Cloud environments, and automating everything from infrastructure to application deployment.

🎤 Martijn Scholten - Advanced Architecting on AWS with Python

We all heard about Infrastructure-as-code and most of the time this code is either JSON, YAML or some other configuration language but who likes writing that for most part of the working day. In this talk we are going to take a look how we can use only Python to do amazing things on AWS (Hint: it's not boto). The following topics will be covered:
- Why using Python for AWS makes sense.
- Benefits of being as Cloud native as possible.
- What are the possibilities?