What we're about

DevOpsCV is a Meetup group focused on DevOps and related practices in the Charlottesville, VA/ Central VA area. Anyone interested in the subject is welcomed and encouraged to join!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all meetups will be held virtually. This will remain the case until governing bodies and the organizers deem it safe to resume social gatherings in person.

All DevOpsCV activities are governed by the CVille Code Of Conduct, found here: https://github.com/cville/conduct This includes in-person and virtual meetups, as well as any communications involving members of this group, whatever platform.

The Short Version

Mission. We are dedicated to providing a safe, inclusive, and accessible experience for everyone. Simply by joining the community, you belong in it, and so does the next person.

Purpose. The code of conduct describes how individuals committed to creating an inclusive experience must comport themselves. It defines and sanctions misconduct for the sake of the full community; adherence allows each participant to be welcome and to feel empowered to contribute fully. This code of conduct is about behavior in context. Behavior which is acceptable in some settings may not be appropriate in the context of the full community.

Expectations. Members of our community demonstrate respect toward all other members and behave, while in virtual or in-person community spaces, without prejudice, discrimination, or threat.

Exhortations. Welcome others to participate. Show restraint when discussing controversial topics, allow pauses for others to join the conversation, react with a collaborative and inviting posture, help guide what is considered on- and off-topic, and be on-topic when adding to the discussion.

Repair. Seek repair when misconduct happens. Be respectful of the perspective and experiences of others. Our ability to respond to and move beyond challenging moments is a sign of our success.

Implementation. Specific forms of misconduct are named within the table of contents. Other sections in this document indicate how to interpret conduct and implement the code of conduct.

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Open Source Connections

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