DevOps Meetup May 2019

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# Continuous Delivery like you know no fear

Warning: This talk can make your own release process seem awfully slow and risky! Everybody does Continuous Integration - more or less, but I think a modern CD pipeline can fundamentally change the way we are collaborating while building Software. At Matmatch we're pushing the boundaries of what Continuous Delivery can be by leveraging Gitlab and Kubernetes: Every Branch gets deployed into its own environment - and the Product Manager or the Stakeholder can release every feature directly to production with the click of a button. We don't bundle releases anymore, every feature goes straight to production. Goodbye test systems, good riddance staging processes.

Why did we, as a small startup, bother with pushing that system to its limits? To get faster feedback and to minimize risk! By releasing and failing faster than the rest, we are outpacing others when it comes to opportunities to learn. It's a joy to work that way and and we could never imagine going back.

In this talk I will walk you through our pipeline, the hiccups we had along the way to build it and the benefits we get from having this pipeline in place.

## Speaker Bio

Chris was a senior software consultant for a few years before he joined Matmatch as Head of Engineering, where he saw a huge variety of distributed systems and made a huge variety of mistakes that he can share now. He is especially interested in distributed systems, microservice architectures and always curious about how all these pieces fit together