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DevOps, Agile and SRE @ Tombola's new HQ
This month we'll be on the road again at tombola's new HQ in Sunderland covering tombola's technologies, sites and stack. General overview of tombola's development efforts and goals We'll look at the development of tombola's infrastructure on AWS What real world application of a shared development model looks like How it fits all together within tombola We'll have 15 minute talks on: A general rundown with common pitfalls of "Going Full DevOps" - Where to start with Full DevOps - What "toil" is in SRE - The three types of techdebt - Defining success and failure - How to measure success Where to begin with Agile, DevOps and SRE - The babysteps of Agile - The babysteps of DevOps - Applying DevOps principals in a non-DevOps environment Disaster Recovery - Test harness - All the acronyms MTBF MTTF MTTR - Stability in Chaos - SRE is DevOps with foresight? Of course there will be food, drinks and of course great conversation


Wylam Wharf Low Street · Sunderland


What we're about

The DevOps North East (D.O.N.E.) meetup group is for people in and around the North East of England who are interested in DevOps, the emerging movement that advocates collaboration across developers, operations, security and the Agile business to ensure a stable and consistent flow of work from “idea" to “production” whilst simultaneously increasing the reliability, resilience and security of “production” environments. Agile + DevOps = Continuous Delivery on steroids!

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The objectives of the group are:

1. Make it a platform to be able to learn about new concepts in DevOps - both technical and non-technical - and how they relate to Agile

2. Help and foster a DevOps/Agile Community centred around the North East of England

3. Chat, have fun, and have some pizza and beers Come and join us if you can!

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