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What we’re about

The DevOps North East (D.O.N.E.) meetup group is for people in and around the North East of England who are interested in DevOps, SRE, Continuous Delivery, Agile and anything and everything related to the   movement that advocates collaboration across the full digital value stream encompassing developers, operations, security, the business, networking, monitoring, site reliability and the flavours of Agile that ensure a stable and consistent flow of work from “idea" to “production” whilst simultaneously increasing the value, reliability, resilience and security of “production” environments.  Agile + DevOps = Continuous Delivery on steroids!

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The objectives of the group are: 

1. Make it a platform to be able to learn about new concepts in DevOps, SRE, CD - both technical and non-technical - and how they relate to Agile

2. Help and foster a DevOps/Agile Community centred around the North East of England 

3. Chat, have fun, and have some pizza and beers Come and join us if you can!