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The DevOps North East (D.O.N.E.) meetup group is for people in and around the North East of England who are interested in DevOps, SRE, Continuous Delivery, Agile and anything and everything related to the movement that advocates collaboration across the full digital value stream encompassing developers, operations, security, the business, networking, monitoring, site reliability and the flavours of Agile that ensure a stable and consistent flow of work from “idea" to “production” whilst simultaneously increasing the value, reliability, resilience and security of “production” environments. Agile + DevOps = Continuous Delivery on steroids!

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The objectives of the group are:

1. Make it a platform to be able to learn about new concepts in DevOps, SRE, CD - both technical and non-technical - and how they relate to Agile

2. Help and foster a DevOps/Agile Community centred around the North East of England

3. Chat, have fun, and have some pizza and beers Come and join us if you can!

Upcoming events (2)

DevOps North East February Meetup

Newcastle Helix

DevOps North East (D.O.N.E.) February Meetup

For our February 2023 face-to-face event we are at the offices of Solution Performance Group (SPG) in Newcastle. SPG will be using the Auditorium @ The Core, Newcastle Helix, Bath Lane, Newcastle. Meet from 6:00pm for talks at 6:30pm. As usual there will be pizza, drinks and great conversation....

Talk 1 - Ben Hall of Homes England will talk about Observability and Open Telemetry. Microservices, composable architectures, event-driven, shared components - just some of the labels for the way we build large systems these days. And they've done a great job of solving the problems they took on. What we've discovered in production environments, is that these patterns are really hard to support. The complexity of interactions between components, produces novel, one-off errors, that cross boundaries in space and time. Locating the cause of these errors is non-trivial. In this talk, Ben will share what he's learnt from debugging across large distributed systems, what he regards as the modern observability problem, and he highlights OpenTelemetry as the future for making our lives easier.
Ben Hall recently joined Homes England as Principal Software Developer, moving from the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office. Prior to becoming a software engineer, he was a school teacher, holding leadership posts as Head of Department and Head of Year.
Ben believes that all development teams are capable of building great things. He is on a mission to better understand what motivates developers, to help them overcome limiting beliefs, and to inspire and empower them as lifelong learners– a non-negotiable if organisations are to harness all that digital has to offer.
He enjoys making complex topics accessible and useful for busy developers on his award-winning blog in his spare time and has provided technical expertise and written articles and whitepapers for leading industry names, including Microsoft and Docker.

Talk 2 - Lakshmikanth Balasundaram will talk about DevSecOps. What is DevSecOps?
- Secure development practices
- Static code scanning for vulnerabilities
- Dynamic security analysis using OWASP

Lakshmikanth Balasundaram (Lucky), a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the customer experience and product management domain. Lucky's expertise spans across a diverse range of industries including telecommunications, cloud-based solutions, and customer service. With a proven track record of success, he has held senior roles at Avaya, Twilio and Afiniti, and even co-founded ContactWise, a cloud-based contact center product.
Lucky is passionate about the intersection of technology and customer satisfaction. He has a deep understanding of DevOps, Distributed Systems, Domain Driven Design, Microservices, and Cloud computing and leverages this expertise to deliver innovative solutions to complex business challenges. Currently, he is working as a CX Solution Architect at SPG, where he is using his skills to help companies drive growth through superior customer experiences.

DevOps North East March Meetup

The Catalyst

Placeholder for DevOps North East (D.O.N.E.) March Meetup in conjunction with Tech On The Tyne (T.O.T.T.)

For our March 2023 face-to-face event we will be bringing together two powerhouses of the North East England tech scene when DevOps North East (DONE) and Tech on the Tyne (TOTT) come together at the new Newcastle office of Credera at the Catalyst, Newcastle Helix, Bath Lane, Newcastle. Meet from 6:00pm for talks at 6:30pm and please note the Wednesday date (rather than our usual Thursday). As usual there will be pizza, drinks and great conversation....

Speaker details to follow.

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DevOps North East January Meetup

78 Grey St

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