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DevOps North East Meetup

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Craig P.


For this meetup the guys from Tombola will talk about a build solution between Terraform and Amazon's AWS Cloud Formation.

We'll also be covering a war story of dealing with special snowflake servers on why they are a bad thing (and how DSC can help). This covers lessons learnt in why mixing legacy infrastructure with infrastructure as code can sometimes be a potentially bad thing and the possible pitfalls of running both at the same time.

This talk is aimed at the discovery process of requirements at building redundancy and repeatable, buildable environments within AWS. Lessons learned from implementing from scratch as an entry level employee and how to bring people on board with the initial stages DevOps.

As usual there will be beers (from Campus North) and Pizza (from Tombola)

See you all there!
Campus North
Campus North, Sunco House, 5 Carliol Square, NE1 6UF · Newcastle Upon Tyne
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