DevOps North East "Summer Special" @ Turnitin


DevOps North East "Summer Special" Meetup - 22nd August 2019 @ Turnitin

Our "summer special" August 2019 DevOps North East Meetup will be at the offices of Turnitin, with Dominic Gunn talking about "Seafaring with Kubernetes" and Brett Miller talking about "Sea Shells - from Scripts to PowerShell on the Azure ocean". Flip-flops and shorts more than welcome!

Session #1
"Seafaring with Kubernetes"
A session discussing the CI/CD tooling and process that Turnitin has built around Helm, a package manager for Kubernetes, and how that ensures our engineering teams have a uniform experience when shipping software from their machines to our clusters.
About Dominic Gunn - Dominic comes from an engineering background in the gaming industry, he transitioned to the EdTech sector at Turnitin to help lead the companies movement to Java based microservices. Dominic is now the DevOps team lead for the U.K. office, helping to solidify Turnitin's DevOps culture. Dominic contributes to OSS projects, including Kubernetes and IaC software like Terraform.

Session #2
"Sea Shells - from Scripts to PowerShell on the Azure ocean"
This session will take you through the lifecycle of turning your hoarded scripts from the scratch folder of your laptop, into reusable functions and modules that you can share with your colleagues. We will then look at how you can develop your module to share it with the world
About Brett Miller - Coming from an Ops background and learning PowerShell to automate some boring Active Directory administration tasks, Brett caught the bug and has been scripting and automating since. Brett is now a live services specialist for Sage, working with Azure, Azure DevOps, terraform and has recently started playing with C#. He is an active member of the PowerShell community, shares and contributes to OSS projects and can sometimes be found coding on Twitch.

As usual there will be food/drink (and maybe ice-cream!) and great conversation....