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DevOps North East sponsored by Sage

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DevOps North East sponsored by Sage


For the September 2019 DevOps North East Meetup we will be at the offices of Sage.

Session 1 - DevOps and SRE "what's the difference?"

For our September "back to school" talk Craig Pearson will introduce the basics of SRE, Site Reliability Engineering, pioneered by Google and now gaining traction with a number of organisations. We will look at the history of SRE, some of the core principles and how it relates to, is sometime the same as, but often differs from, DevOps. Craig Pearson is a freelance DevOps/Agile/SRE specialist and organiser of DevOps North East. SRE talks a lot about automation of "toil" - routine, non-value adding work - which leads us nicely on to our second talk.....

Session 2 - Incident Management Automation at Sage

With over 200 online services running around the world, Sage’s Live Services teams operate consistent global processes to manage customer-affecting incidents; notifying stakeholders, posting status alerts, setting up comms channels, and tracking to resolution. In this session, Live Services team members will share how they’ve applied automation across a range of tooling to ensure that specialists can spend their time analysing and fixing the problem, and reduce their focus on the logistics of running an incident.
David Darwent, Brett Miller, and Jonathan Noble are responsible for Sage's Azure-based European SMB products. All three are advocates of DevOps and are all returning speakers at DevOps North East. Karl Barbour works on global Sage products hosted on AWS, is VP of Cake, and VP of Colours in Script Output.

As usual there will be food, drink and great conversation.

Grateful to Sage for sponsoring the Meetup
23 Cobalt Park Way · Wallsend
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Sage Uk, North Park, Newcastle Upon Tyne

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