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DevOps North East (sponsored by Sage) @ BGL Group ("")

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DevOps North East (sponsored by Sage) @ BGL Group ("")


For the October DevOps North East we are at BGL Group in Sunderland, best known for their "" brand!

Talk 1
Dockerising .Net applications: Simplifying software delivery for .Net Devs (even if your boss says you can’t use Docker!)

David Cook will take us behind the scenes and talk about docker for .Net.
He will talk about how you can learn just enough Docker to be useful.
We’ll also learn how to get .Net applications running in Docker, and what that actually means.
We’ll discuss some common use cases that could help your team be more productive.
We’ll see how to get several dockerised applications talking to each other.
And we’ll touch upon how to get your dockerised application into production.

About David Cook
Senior Software Engineer @, currently working in .Net Core & C# MicroServices with Docker and AWS.
Retired Archer, occasional snowboarder, infrequent blogger and Tech Conference organiser:
Having worked at BGL and CompareTheMarket for over a decade now, I’ve had a hand in many different parts of the business: everything from coding in WebForms and WCF & manually copying dlls to Live Web servers in the early days, to leading XP teams, and even designing part of an IT graduate programme.
I’ve been writing .Net code for ~16 years, on and off, in both C#, VB, and very recently F#.
Management was fun, but after 5 years I really missed coding and creating things, and have spent the last 2 years immersing myself in all things C#, .Net Core, Docker and TDD.
twitter: @dcook_net

Talk 2
Infrastructure as Code: Diving into the AWS Cloud Development kit

The AWS CDK (Cloud Development Kit) became generally available in July 2019, and allows users to programmatically define and deploy their infrastructure using well-known programming languages. 10 lines of CDK script can be equivalent to 700 lines of CloudFormation template!
Josh Yaxley will take us through some of the core concepts of infrastructure as code, and then we'll dive into the AWS CDK, with plenty of examples of common use cases:
- Virtual private clouds
- Dockerised applications
- Serverless functions
- APIs
- Load balancing
- Build pipelines
- Role-based permissions
- Cost allocation
- Compliance

About Josh Yaxley:
Software Engineer @ BGL, full-time geek, and pretty much coding sinceh he could type.
Worked across the whole stack in insurance, ecommerce, wholesale, and education industries. Primarily C#, but plenty of JavaScript, as well as experience in DevOps and NoSQL.

As usual there will be food, drink and great conversation!

Thanks to BGL for the venue and food, and Sage for their on-going support.
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