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DevOps includes the broadest range of applied IT topics. Everyone's experience matters, from a startup, to a struggling IT department, to the likes of Google and Netflix. We share experiences from beginners and masters alike. Presentations can be aspirational, a post-mortem, and everything in between.


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OSS Security and Compliance monitoring and gatekeeping

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We will talk about various approaches Developers, Build and Release Engineers can take to monitor various OSS components entering their organization. How to shift left in the DevSecOps landscape and gain visibility into OSS component consumption? What are the automated gatekeeping options available? Need for SBOM and tools available to generate the same, etc. are some of the topics that we will be covering

Speaker: Gowtham Neerukonda is a DevOps Acceleration Engineer at JFrog. A passionate engineer who has experience in working with Embedded Systems, Application Security, and DevOps automation. As a member of DevOps Acceleration team, he enjoys learning new advancements in DevOps world and helping Customers embrace JFrog’s Universal DevOps platform. He enjoys cooking and playing board games, especially Catan. His interests also include Volleyball and FIFA(PS4).

What to do about Brent? Identifying bottlenecks in your pipeline

In the award winning DevOps book, “The Phoenix Project'', the authors tie together the best practices used by successful manufacturing companies and apply them to a fictional IT project. The concepts from the book have been one of the primary drivers for today’s DevOps organizational transformations.
The character “Brent” represents a critical IT resource that knows everything about the project, is the fastest to implement a solution, and generally the most helpful individual in the organization. Unfortunately, Brent’s talents create a significant bottleneck for the organization.
In this presentation we will discuss ways to identify bottlenecks and how we can help organizations realize the true costs these constraints create. IT bottlenecks can often be difficult to identify as they may be hidden in the organization (purposely or ignorantly). Bottlenecks can be created by organizational structures, antiquated procedures, technical debt, lack of personnel training, etc.
We will also review the principles that derive all DevOps patterns known as the “Three Ways”.

  1. Continuously find and implement ways to improve delivery
  2. Get fast feedback and work from the strong failure signals to ever-weaker failure signals to get advance warning of quality issues.
  3. Use efficiencies gained from the first two ways to introduce rapid experiments that create qualitative gains


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Topic on DevOps Observability

DevOps Tooling TBD

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DevOps Tooling TBD

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Starting and Advancing Your Career in Technology

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