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We started off focused on DoD DevSecOps. Starting in 2021, we're expanding into DevSecOps across the entire federal space. There are great things happening across multiple agencies. Join us to stay connected with the most important top-down initiatives AND grassroots activities. This is where software development strengthens national security and citizen customer service.


This is a group for anyone who wants to go deep into the DoD Enterprise DevSecOps initiative ( https://software.af.mil/dsop/documents/ ) from understanding it at a high level to setting up your dev environment and building your skills NOW.

We will go into all the technologies ( https://software.af.mil/dsop/technology/ ) such as DevSecOps pipelines, hardened container images, microservices, kubernetes and more.

Even if you don't work with the DoD, there is a great deal of cutting-edge tools, technologies and practices to learn and benefit from.

To inquire about presenting, please contact Chris via cdowney@swishdata.com with your idea.

Upcoming events (5)

Hands-on Kubernetes basics, led by a Googler

Online event

Join us for hands-on Kubernetes basics led by Jamal Mahboob from Google.

We will use a live, production environment with a real public-facing IP address. This is a very different experience from simulated labs or minikube on your laptop.

In this lab you will learn how to:

Provision a complete Kubernetes cluster

Deploy and manage Docker containers using kubectl

(if there is time) break an application into microservices using Kubernetes' Deployments and Services

If you need to learn Kubernetes, don't miss this one!

Jamal is a Google Cloud Customer Engineer engaged with US Defense customers. He has a background as a defense contractor and has previously led a DoD DevOps team providing direct mission support. In his spare time he loves over-the-top GUIs and interfaces that you can check at https://hud.jamalmahboob.com (personal - using Google Cloud Run) or https://lighthousesecurity.appspot.com/ (professional - using Google App Engine).

DevSecOps at the Navy

Online event

What does a founding member of Kessel Run do in the Navy?

DevSecOps at the Defense Logistics Agency

Online event

We will delve into transformation, blended teams, starting out with no budget and no support, and much more...

Static code analysis of Infrastructure as Code

Online event

More info to come soon....


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DevSecOps at the GSA

Online event

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