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Cybercrime in its various forms is expected to cost the world more than US$6 trillion per year by 2021. The global cyber security skills shortage is expected to grow in inverse proportion to this, with up to two million security jobs expected to be unfilled in 2019.

“DevSecOps is not necessary; it is inevitable.”

Successful security programmes are comprised of three intersecting parts: people, processes, and technologies. DevSecOps is no different, but DevSecOps recognizes that security is the responsibility of everyone in an organization, and everyone has a role to play in security.

By including security at every stage of the software delivery lifecycle, the cost of complying with regulation and governance standards is reduced overall and the speed of software delivery is increased. Simultaneously, greater transparency enables superior threat hunting across the board and much more flexible reaction and recovery times.

No matter how many technologies you implement, the weakest link will always be the human factor. This is the starting point for any DevSecOps implementation.

This group is for divers members like Developers, Testers, Sec-Operations, Architects, Security Experts. Its an open platform for discussion & sharing best practices and tackle DevSecOps issues outside of the boundaries of rigid meetings.

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