#DevTO: The One With 2 Machine Learning Talks

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Smart Web: integration of machine learning and web development - Kasra Zahir

What if your web or mobile app could have a brain? A brain that could help it learn from and adapt to user behavior over time… This talk will walk us through how we can achieve that.

Kasra is a tech enthusiast who lives at the intersection of design, application development and machine learning. He currently works at Deloitte Digital in Toronto.

High-performance machine learning on a single node - Adam Drake
Datasets too large to fit into RAM are increasingly common, even in simple environments like Kaggle competitions. In this lecture I will introduce some ways of dealing with this issue, and will discuss some scalable machine learning techniques which are production-ready and capable of processing nearly 200,000 events per second on an old laptop.

Adam Drake’s professional background includes a wide range of technical and management roles, including: leading technical business transformations in global and multi-cultural environments, performing in-depth technical due-diligence and funding analysis for investors, and mentoring new technical and operational executives. His passion is to help companies become more productive by improving internal leadership capabilities, and accelerating product development through technology and data architecture guidance. His technical interests include online learning systems, high-frequency/low-latency data processing systems, recommender systems, distributed systems, and functional programming.