#DevTO: How to Build and Maintain Design Systems

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What is a Design System?
Defining what a Design System is and what it means for an organization can be tricky. In this talk, Catherine and Varun will take the conversation of Design Systems past style guides and component libraries. They will deep-dive into the various parts of the system and demonstrate how you can define a workflow and governance model around them, how you can leverage them to break down silos between development and design. They will also share their learnings from building and maintaining design systems over the past few years.

Catherine's Bio
Catherine is a Senior Experience Designer at Rangle.io, specializing in building design systems. With a background in engineering and systems thinking, she is passionate about improving how designers work and finding ways that they can better integrate with technology. Prior to Rangle.io, Catherine has worked at both agencies and product companies, working for clients & companies such as Fiat Chrysler Automotive, Walmart, and Microsoft.

Varun's Bio
Varun Vachhar is a developer with a strong focus on design, interactivity and animation. He specializes in design systems and has a background in creative coding. Originally from New Delhi, he currently lives in Toronto and is the Director of UI Architecture at Rangle.io.