What we're about

Community. Mentoring. Coding. Pairing. Low-Commitment.

We are a people-first community and more than a meetup group. We are experienced professionals (Mentors) and early-career devs (Mentees).



Connect early-career developers with experienced professional mentors through low-commitment, high-value, human interactions.



• Early-Career Devs - Our early career developers have usually been coding for 2 years or less with a majority of them looking for their first dev job. Some examples are college students, bootcamp students, self-taught devs and career switchers.

• Experienced Professionals - Our experienced professionals have usually been working professionally for 5 years or more and can provide technical and/or career advice. All of our experienced professionals are committed to mentorship and giving back.



Our events will help you get your first dev job by helping you:

• Improve your technical skills.

• Get career-related help like resume reviews, interviewing, etc.

• Learn foundational concepts typically learned the first few years on the job.

• Get connected with local employers with internship/entry-level/junior dev openings.

• Grow your network and connect with other Madison people in the tech industry.



• Give back.

• Inspire the next generation of developers.

• Improve your leadership and communication skills.

• Grow your network and connect with other Madison people in the tech industry.



4/24/2020 Events are on-hold temporarily due to organizer time constraints and given that our group is a learning group, we realize it's hard to focus on learning during a stressful time. In the meanwhile, if you still are up to learn and/or teach others to code, please join us on Slack and connect with other Mentees/Mentors there.


Our main events are on the 2nd Tuesday of the month with majority focused on pairing Mentees and Mentors.

We hold social events every now and then to greet new members, hang out and answer any questions new members may have about our group.



• Madison Companies - contribute to the local tech community, improve your brand recognition, and help attract talent by providing space and/or food for one of our events. Having your employees participate as Mentors will also help them grow technical, leadership, mentoring, and communication skills to apply as they perform their normal work responsibilities.

• Mentors/Mentees - ask for help/help others out as you're available in-between events by participating in our Slack channel (see CONTACT section below)

• Mentors/Mentees/Madison Companies - help us with costs (see https://www.meetup.com/DevTogetherMad/money ) by contributing funds at https://secure.meetup.com/DevTogetherMad/contribute



All attendees, speakers, mentors, etc., are expected to abide by the Dev Together Code of Conduct (https://devtogether.co/code-of-conduct).





Madison Slack #devtogether https://madisoncommunity.azurewebsites.net/

Twitter @DevTogetherMad



Our logo is our brand name with an underscore in place of the space.

The underscore represents possibility.

Develop Code Together

Develop Professional Skills Together

Develop Friendships Together



Thank you to these local companies who have provided us space and/or food in our previous events!

• Bendyworks

• Hardin Design and Development

• CUNA Mutual Group

• Microsoft TEALS

• Ian's Pizza

• 8th Light

• Smart Solutions


• Madison Public Library


• Fetch Rewards

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