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Simply put, this group has been set up and established for people who desire MORE.

More hope. More love. More community. More family. More friends. More associates. More understanding of themselves. More understanding of their purpose and the reason they're STILL alive.More grace. More understanding from people. More freedom. More help. More support. More accountability. More understanding of the word. More voice. More exposure. More time with other believers. More practicality. More balance. More discipline. More insight. More wisdom. More sisterhood. More Brotherhood. More...

This group is a christian based group but ALL are welcomed no matter what walk of life, race, belief, economical status, etc. you are coming from. We believe, according to his word, that God's intended plan is for us to live an ABUNDANT life. We are here to help you attain that abundance and live your BEST life - That's abundance naturally: in your mind, in your heart, in your emotions, in your social life, in your love life, in your finances, and in your overall well being. That's also abundance in your spiritual life: relationship with God, understanding of the word, ways to live a righteous yet real and practical life with balance, etc.

We will laugh, we will cry, we will even disagree at times, but we will be a fortified COMMUNITY that is WHOLE of sound mind, body, and spirit, living our BEST LIFE ALWAYS! - Come join us!

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