What we're about

Ever wanted to be a full stack developer? We here at developer unicorns will teach you the ins and outs of full stack awesomeness. Learn - python, javascript, ruby, mobile development, hardware hacking and more!

* Who should join:

We have three types of members:

1) Those trying to learn to code.

2) Those strong in one area (like frontend development) but looking to grow in other areas

3) Those already strong in general (like an average full stack developer) but looking to stay current with tools in the field

* Why should members join:

The central goal of Developer Unicorns is to create a group of people who keep each other abreast of the most current technologies in the world of mobile and web development. This includes front end, backend, big data, and industry specific knowledge.

Members should join if they want to meet other folks trying to learn more about software development, if they want to make new friends in the tech space, or if they just love learning about current technology.

* What can members expect out of the group:

There are two types of events that our community holds regularly - lecture style talks and workshop style events.

During the lecture style talks a topic is introduced and a lecture is given. This covers a high level overview of the topic and shows you some examples of how to use the technology being discussed. This could be a technology stack, a design pattern, a new language, a framework, or a new piece of hardware, etc.

During the workshop style event members are given the option to work on discrete exercises or hack on their own project using the topic discussed during the previous lecture style talk. This way any skills are reinforced AND the members with more questions can ask the lecturer something specific.

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