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PTA: CSS Animations/ Discovering threats using machine leaning/Commandline Tool
· Welcome (start 16h30) · Lightning talk (start 16h35) - 10min · Session 1 (start 16h50) - 20 min · Session 2 (start 17h15) - 40min Lightning Talk Title: Commandline Tool for command storage/management What do you do when you use the CLI often and need to remember commands or search through your bash history? What exactly does a command do if it has many subcommands attached to it? I have written a self-contained CLI program that enables the storage of frequently used commands (in a YAML file) for execution. You no longer need to remember commands, setup a complex CLI history-navigation or store commands across text files. Facilitator: Hussain Hussain is a freelance researcher, analyst and programmer and a Co-Organizer/Co-Founder of the GPUG (Gauteng Python User Group). Session 1 Title: Discovering insider threats using machine leaning. The talk will start by providing a definition of what an insider threat is and why it is difficult to prevent insider threats entirely. Other approaches to discover insider threats and their shortcomings. The legal and ethical dilemmas with predicting insider threats. The second topic discussed will be anomaly detection. A definition will be provided and quick discussion will be provide around the difficulties of defining normal and abnormal by humans and machine learning algorithms. Lastly, examples and investigations results from research will be resented to show how the two topics relate. As the time is short, I will only present the exiting stuff. Facilitator: Daniel Joubert I am a husband, father and inventor. I love spending time with my wife and kids in the outdoors, walking in the veld and fishing. At the office, I work as a software development manager, which means that I spent most of my time encouraging other people to be the best inventers they can be. Session 2 Title: CSS Animations Have you ever wondered why some websites lack a certain “smoothness” that you subconsciously expected? There are a couple of different ways of achieving this and they are easier to implement than you think. Well, in this talk, I’ll be going through how we can use CSS animations as well as why we should use them to improve the user’s experience while also doing some cool stuff. Facilitator: Edwin Fullard Edwin is currently working at Entelect as an Intermediate Software Engineer. He has a keen eye for user experience design and is passionate about full-stack development. He started at Entelect as a graduate in January 2016 and has since then worked his way into a trustworthy role on his team. Edwin also helps to run the Entelect Challenge and volunteers to help update some of the internal projects at Entelect. When he doesn't work, Edwin likes to spend his time outdoors, drinking fine wine, playing board games and solving puzzles. If you are new to the group, read our monthly meeting FAQ to answer some common questions (


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