The path to Software Development Mastery

This is a past event

140 people went


· Welcome (start 16h30)

· Lightning talk (start 16h35) - 10min - Terence Kruger - Why should I care about OWIN?

· Session 1 (start 16h50) - 20 min - Brendon Page - String Kata

· Session 2 (start 17h15) - 40min - Peter Wiles - The path to Software Development Mastery

Title: Why should I care about OWIN?

Facilitator: Terence Kruger

Title: String Kata

Facilitator: Brendon Page

String Kata - how it made me a better developer

I had to do the string kata 30 times to get it under 20 minutes, there were tears of sadness, tears of frustration, tears of hopelessness and finally tears of joy. Surprisingly the experience did more than make me really good at the string kata it make me a better developer. In this talk I will cover what it takes and how doing what it takes will make you a better developer.

Title: The path to Software Development Mastery

Facilitator: Peter Wiles

Those of us who are serious about software development are constantly improving ourselves in a life-long pursuit of mastery. In this talk I will explore what mastery is, why it’s important and what practices, habits and disciplines we can use to help us on this path. Topics covered in this presentation include the ideas of self-mastery, developing a focussed mind, software craftsmanship, continuous learning and managing your career. I will point you towards some of the available resources and tools that can assist you in your quest of becoming a master of your craft and yourself.

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