JHB: Clojurescript, secret weapon of web dev/Using Machine Learning in Real Life

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· Welcome (start 16h30)

· Lightning talk (start 16h35) - 10min - Sello Mkantjwa

· Session 1 (start 16h50) - 20 min - Jade Abbott

· Session 2 (start 17h15) - 40min - Len Weincier

Title: Monitoring Critical Nightly Jobs In Your Sleep!

There are times when we need to run automated jobs either very late at night or very early in the morning. Sometimes these jobs are not critical and failures can be dealt with in the morning after the first cup of coffee. For other jobs, however, waiting till the first cup of coffee can be way too costly - failures have to be dealt with as soon as they occur. Nobody reads their email alerts in their sleep and nobody wants to set the alarm for 3AM every night to check if the job ran successfully - and you don't have to. In this talk I will present a (mostly) reliable way to have monitoring on your nightly jobs - even as you sleep

Facilitator: Sello Mkantjwa

Sello is a Software Engineer at Encentivize, the creator of Workpoints (www.workpoints.co.za (http://www.workpoints.co.za/))

Specialising mainly in the MEAN stack, Sello has worked on a wide range of projects on the platform; from the predecessor of Workpoints, to Workpoints itself, to the very latest products in the Encentivize ecosystem.

These days he spends his time assisting clients launch and administer their own customer loyalty programs.

Title: Using Machine Learning in Real Life: From the Trenches into the Cloud

Thanks to the openness of the machine learning community, any developer with an interest in machine learning these days, can get up a model to recognize characters or generate Trump-like tweets in a couple of hours. But what happens when we need to train a model to do a customer facing task, that we trust enough to deploy to a production system? And how do we get that model into production and maintain it once it is there? My talk aims to share some of the struggles and strategies from the trenches of training and building the infrastructure for a complex deep learning model for production use.

Facilitator: Jade Abbott

"Jade is a Senior Software Developer and Data Scientist at Retro Rabbit. She is busy doing her M.Sc. in Swarm Robotics, considers herself a polyglot and has a passion for everything artificial intelligence. Her focus for the past 6 months has been building the NLP functionality for startup app Kalido."

Title: Clojurescript, the secret weapon of web dev

Let me take you through a simple though about why this is an incredible platform that you should seriously take a look at for serious web development.
"ClojureScript is a compiler for Clojure (http://clojure.org/) that targets JavaScript. It emits JavaScript code which is compatible with the advanced compilation mode of the Google Closure optimizing compiler."

Facilitator: Len Weincier

Len has built systems ranging from embedded devices to enterprise scale big data systems. Coming from C and C++ via Java and JEE through Ruby and now into Go and Node with lots of Clojure, he has been around the programming block. He's trained many developers, biz analysts and project managers over time and spoken at many conferences.

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