JHB: Building web apps with Polymer / CPU Cache and Cache Line Optimizations


· Welcome (start 16h30)

· Lightning talk (start 16h35) - 10min

· Session 1 (start 16h50) - 20 min

· Session 2 (start 17h15) - 40min

Lighting Talk

Title: TBC

Facilitator: TBC


Session 1

Title: CPU Cache and Cache Line Optimizations

Short description: Lets take a look at one of the most expensive types of memory; the CPU cache. We'll learn more about what it is, how it works, where it fits into the processing pipeline and the overall architecture; then learn how to make it more effective.

Trevor Herselman

Trevor is a Software Architect, consultant, trainer and open source contributor with over 15 years experience. Specializing in low level, low latency algorithms and data structures; with an emphasis on a data-first approach and producing world class scalable and maintainable solutions.

Session 2

Title: Building web apps with Polymer

A practical look into using Polymer for building web applications. Polymer isn't yet another JavaScript framework, but rather it's like a next generation JQuery that brings features to modern browsers to allow making web apps easy.

Toby Kurien

Toby has been programming computers since the early 90's. He co-founded a software development company, the House4Hack hackerspace in Centurion, some failed startups, and freelanced as an Android developer for 6 years. He is currently engineering solutions at IBM Research and building side projects at House4Hack.
tobykurien.com | @tobykurien

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