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Hi all,

I was at a meetup today for Javascript and a bunch of us towards the end of class expressed interest in learning React. We settled on the idea of doing a hackathon of sorts, where we spend a weekend and all teach ourselves React.

I would say the prerequisites for the group is basic knowledge of programming. What conditional statements are, what loops are, objects, arrays, dictionaries, classes etcetera. If anyone is interested in joining this is something that can probably be learnt in 5-10 hours, depending on your current knowledge.

We also have a mix of everyone from people brand new to programming to those currently working in the field.

I also have an idea for a site that I'd love to just open source, so depending on how things go and what people think maybe we'll put up a basic prototype on Sunday.

We're open to any ideas on how to structure the sessions. If you're a local company and you have space, food or something else you think would be useful, we'd love any kind of donation or sponsorship.

The current plan is to do it from 10 AM to 6 PM next Saturday and Sunday, the 24th and 25th.

A few other people who have a web development background (but maybe you've just been procrastinating learning React, like me) would be particularly fantastic.


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