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Gradle with Mrhaki

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On Wednesday the 30th of November a TechNight will be held at our office in Rotterdam. This TechNight is for everyone who is into (new) technologies. During our monthly TechNight you can:

- Meet fellow developers
- Enjoy chinese food, snacks and/or pizza's, while drinking beer or soda
- Gain knowledge about the newest technologies within open source development

Hubert Klein Ikkink (developer, blogger, writer), also known by the nickname Mrhaki which he uses for his blog posts about Groovy, Gradle, Grails and other items regarding the Groovy technology. Hubert is also referred to as the Groovy guru in the Netherlands and had written the book Gradle Effective Implementation Guide.

This talk will be a reference for using Gradle. The Gradle build language will be explained. You'll learn how to apply Gradle in or with your Java, Python, Scala or Groovy projects, integrate with your favorite IDE and how to integrate with well-known continuous integration servers.


17.30h - 18.00h ~ Entry

18.00h - 18.30h ~ Food (and beer of course)

18.30h - 20.00h ~ Presentation "Gradle with Mrhaki"

20.00h ~ Drinks

Parking is free in our area from 6 pm. Also good to know that (most of the time) there's plenty of parking space in this area. If you decide to go with public transport, metro station Coolhaven is a 5 minute walk. There's also a possibility to take the tram, we have two tram stations nearby. So you decide what suites for you ;)

Puntegaalstraat 85, Rotterdam

Please feel free to contact us through our Meetup page or for additional information you can e-mail our colleague Samira (

We're looking forward seeing you there ;)
Puntegaalstraat 85 · Rotterdam
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