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What we’re about

Imagine if your digital presence could out-motivate, out-sell, and out-educate what you were able to do last year. By leveraging technology you can save time, influence more people and increase revenues. 
This  meetup is designed to give you and opportunity to best develop and optimize your digital you.
This meetup is about developing Digital YOU.
Our classes are ideal for all ranges of geeks, technophobes or total newbies. We train weekly on subjects like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. All with the underlining message that these digital social media platforms can help your business and grow your own version of "Digital You"
We train up to 10 students per session! Please RSVP if you want to attend. Courses are $25-45 for a 90-120minute group workshop. 
We’ll accept entries at the door if there’s room, but RSVP’s are helpful so we know what we’re up against for print materials, etc!