What we're about

This meetup has just moved to Long Beach! This is an in-person and online Meetup community for anyone who wants to learn tools to develop their intuition.

Would you like -

• A much greater sense of meaning and purpose in life as a result of connecting to yourself daily ?

• To attract (and be attracted to) people and experiences that are a good energetic match and who are aligned with your own purpose? This makes life much more satisfying and fun.

• To have very effective tools in case you get hit with paralyzing self-doubt and procrastination; your own intuition is the greatest antidote there is to self-doubt!

• To trust the flow of life, and to know that all events in your life are supporting your highest good?

All of these have created profound transformation in my life and a deep sense of alignment and self-empowerment. And these are all available to anyone who wants them! This capacity exists inside everyone - it's just a matter of having the desire to experience it.

During meetups, we are learn and practice basic meditation and psychic tools from a variety of spiritual traditions. These tools are all doorways that help us to access our own deepest knowing. It's been my experience that different tools resonate with different people, and they also open us to different perspectives and experiences.

There is also time to share experiences, as this is so important both for integrating these tools but also developing trust in our intuition!

There will be ongoing meetups in the Long Beach area and also interactive sessions via Zoom (video conferencing) so you can join without having to deal with traffic and parking!

Open to both beginners and those with experience who want community and encouragement!

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