What we're about

Having inner strength means embracing all your feelings as good because they're part of you and you're amazing! Feelings aren't bad, they just are. Think of it this way: Little kids don't stuff their feelings nor censor them. ... They don't worry what others think — and you shouldn't judge your emotions, either!

Just imagine taking that strength and energy to create a better life for yourself and potentially for others too.

Who will you have to "be" to provide excellent coaching to your clients? How will you develop yourself in order to be fully present with your clients? What tools and distinctions will you bring to the process?

Come discover more of yourself, find clarity and inner strength. At the same time think about becoming a coach by observing a certified coach-training program in process. Watch as participants are coached, trained and challenged to develop themselves and their skills.

Or perhaps you want to see "how the donuts are made" to see if hiring a coach would jump-start your future. Come to the meetups or ask the organizers. We're been through the process and are here to support your future through workshops, one to one coaching and introducing you to probably one of the finest coaching accreditation programs in the world.

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