Lunch&&Learn - How to Know What Your Model Knows: An Introduction to Validation

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Join Devhub Vancouver for their weekly series of Lunch&&Learns-- casual one-hour seminars with varying topics targeted at developers. Why not use your lunch break to learn something new?

This week's Lunch&&Learn topic is Model Validation by Matt Emery, a Data Scientist working at Imbellus Inc. (

"All models are wrong, but some are useful" is one of the most quoted phrases in data science, but how do we even know if a model is useful?

This talk will introduce you to the tools used to validate models. We will also discuss the two most common challenges when it comes to validating a model: data leakage and optimization bias. All examples will be in Python3, Jupyter and Sci-Kit Learn.

About Matt:

Matt is a data scientist and software developer living in Vancouver. He works at Imbellus Inc., a Los Angeles based start-up that infers problem-solving ability through simulation-based assessments. Matt specializes in building and deploying production-ready machine learning models in Python and R. He likes to give talks and compete in data science competitions in his spare time.

About Devhub:

Devhub is Canada’s first full-out community space for developers of all levels. A place where members can work, learn, and teach, whether they’ve been coding for two decades or ten weeks. It’s a space that connects developers with community, mentorship, and a unique co-working environment, all programmed for their needs and growth.


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