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"Priming for MicroService Deployment to the Cloud" and "The Furies of Tech Debt"

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"Priming Your Teams for Microservice Deployment to the Cloud" by Matt Callanan (Expedia)

You think of a great idea for a microservice and want to ship it to production as quickly as possible. Of course you'll need to create a Git repo with a codebase that reuses libraries you share with other services. And you'll want a build and a basic test suite. You'll want to deploy it to immutable servers using infrastructure as code that dev and ops can maintain. Centralised logging, monitoring, and HipChat notifications would also be great. Of course you'll want a load balancer and a CNAME that your other microservices can hit. You'd love to have blue-green deploys and the ability to deploy updates at any time through a Continuous Delivery pipeline. Phew! How long will it take to set all this up? A couple of days? A week? A month?

What if you could do all of this within 30 minutes? And with a click of a button soon be receiving production traffic?

Matt will introduce "Primer", Expedia's microservice generation and deployment platform that enables rapid experimentation in the cloud, how it's caused unprecedented rates of learning, and explain tips and tricks on how to build one yourself with practical takeaways for everyone from the startup to the enterprise.

"The Furies of Technical Debt" by John Contad (REA)

John discusses's move from the datacentre to AWS - the war stories, the victories, and the lessons we learned. Focusing on the problem of tightly-coupled technical debt, we'll try to answer the questions: What is legacy? How do we avoid it? How do we untangle the knots of monolithic systems? Oh, and with a bit of Greek mythology to boot.

John Contad is a Site Operations engineer for the Global Infrastructure team at Previously a sysadmin from the Sunshine Coast, he now works on systems of work and DevOps practices at REA Group.

Doors open at 5:15pm for a 5:30pm start.

Expedia will be sponsoring food & drinks.

Suncorp will be our venue sponsor.

We're looking for more speakers for next month.
Got something you'd like to talk about? Contact the organisers and let us know any ideas you have for anything from a 5 min lightning talk up to a 30 min presentation.