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Start the journey to Internet of Things with Arduino-Morning Session (Grade 6+)

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Price: $10.00 /per person
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Computers connect to other computers over Internet. People connect to other people face to face, via phone, email, social networks etc. using internet . “Things” or objects from everyday life, like water heater, energy meter, and weather station are now connecting to each other and people, computers and the Internet. “Things” act as agents that sense and change the world. Internet of Everything is getting real.

In the workshop, we will cover the basic concepts applied for interfacing the real world to the digital world like - like sensors and controllers, circuits, voltage, current, analog and digital signal. Kids will learn these, while performing hands-on activities using Arduino Uno, an open-source micro-controller, simple components like switches, LEDs, light sensor, breadboard etc. Arduino kits will be provided for hands-on experience in a shared setting.

Kids will learn to write and run “Sketches” for Arduino. Activities will also include building interaction between computer and “Things” first directly and then over the network using Scratch for Arduino.

By registering for this meetup event, you are accepting the terms and conditions defined in media waiver (

Grade Level



• Each attendee must have a laptop (Windows or Mac only).

• At least 2 GB of free disk space and 4 GB RAM


• Please make sure to bring a water bottle/snacks for the attendees.

• One registration will allow only one kid to participate. Parents are required to stay at the facility for the entire duration of the workspace and may observe from back of the room. There is WiFi at the venue and so you may consider bringing your favorite device(s) to stay connected.


Please download and install the software as described here prior to the workshop.

1. Install Arduino software

Go to

Download and install software Arduino software appropriate for your computer's Operation System (Windows/Mac; 32bit/64bit etc.)

If the Arduino driver was not installed correctly, we will install it in the workshop.

2. Install Scratch for Arduino software

Go to (

Go to section “Installing S4A into your computer”

Download and install software S4A software appropriate for your computer's Operation System (Windows/Mac)

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to read the media waiver (

Please do not register for the afternoon session if you are registered for the morning session. We would like to reserve space for as many kids as possible. The afternoon session will be a repeat of the morning session for a new set of kids.