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Devoxx4Kids - Hyderabad is a chapter of Devoxx4Kids a global initiative by Programmers to bring Kids into the world of Programming, Robotics in general Computers!

What is Devoxx4Kids?

Devoxx4Kids (http://www.devoxx4kids.org) "Inspire children to programming, robotics, and engineering" is focused on educating parents to teach their kids and show that it is possible to do something more creative with computers. The goal is to introduce parents and their kids to programming, robotics, and engineering in a fun way. This is achieved by organizing sessions where attendees can develop computer games, program robots and also have an introduction to electronics.

Who are we?

We are a group of IT professionals, particularly developers who like to share our toys with our next generation toddlers.

What do we do?

We organize events for kids to learn the toys we used in our daily day but for toddlers, we have some special things to get started!

What are our toys?

Our toys are Java, HTML. Python... other than we share things like Scratch, Greenfoot, FlappyBird and also things like Minecraft modds, Raspberry Pi, Arduino and more.

Who can join?

Parents who have the same view of "Inspire children to programming, robotics, and engineering" we focus on kids between 6 - 14 of age.

How to get started?

The easiest step is to click on the Join Us button and fill the form and you are all done. You can post a question in our mailing list or you can receive all the events we planning in future.

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