What we're about

My purpose is to create a dialogue and interaction that facilitate the raising of individual and group consciousness level in a non-judgmental and safe inter-active container. Live in oneness, in a profound purpose, of love, joy, expansion and deepening. Living moment by moment by moment... by embracing all aspect of life. Living in oneness means to wake up to the unifying truth that lies at the core of all human experience. Committing to an extraordinary joyful living. I hope that my friends in this Meetup group will truly connect with each other from the core of their being and in a vulnerable intimate way. The purpose is for the members to drop their veil to reach a self-discovery in this mysterious journey called life, to help each other reach a level of liberation from obstacles and freedom to pursue their dreams.

The core elements of the work to provide mutual support, self-expression and the exchange of ideas and concepts that walk us hand in hand down the path toward an awakening, self-realization. In this expanding circle, we will join in the creation of an extraordinary meeting of minds and souls. My focus is to facilitate movement and dynamic energy within the collective that inspires authenticity and spontaneity.

I invite everybody to feel free to make statements, to share Aha moments, to ask questions and to meet in person in various event.

Live in invitation rather then in resistance.

Be a host of all experiences.

Much love and light to all.


Rutananda ~ Life begins with love ~


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